Ferme des Arpents roses

Brief introduction to the farm

Ferme des Arpents roses (could be translated to “Rose Acres Farm”) sits nestled on a quaint rural route that carves its way through the valley of the Lanaudiere region. The family-run operation is more than just a farm; it is an agricultural and ecological project spanning more than 30 years and two generations. The fruits of our labour are diverse, yet traditionally Quebecois.

Organic vegetables in all shapes, colours and varieties spring up from the hillsides. Pigs graze and frolic in the pastures. Hundred-year-old maple trees drip a sugary elixir, which is transformed the old fashioned way; with buckets, snowshoes, and boilers over a wood fire.

Above all else, it is simply a small scale farm that has, for decades, been providing many families with good things to eat.

Pasture raised pigs

Free and happy pigs + a varied and balanced diet = quality meat and happy taste buds!

Our little troup of piglets take to the pasture in the spring and frolic all summer long in the open air and tranquility of our quiet rural road. During the hot summer months, pigs and veggies grow side-by-side in the fields in a symbiotic relationship with eachothers: one being fed and the other being fertilized.
The pigs also receive a supplemental diet of organic or GMO-free grain which is mixed and ground directly at the farm. On top of that they enjoy the “salad bar” from the pasture and cast-off veggies from the farm, as well as the occasional treat of spent grain from local micro-breweries. We raise a limited number of pigs annually to limit the impact on our soils and to preserve a close customer base.

Our pork is available for purchase in half-hog format; prepared for convenient storing in home freezer. It is a really great value, but make sure to book in advance! If you are more interested in smaller quantities or specialty cuts, you can find our meat at the counter of Pascal le Boucher in Montreal, every autumn. Watch out – it’s addictive!

Organic Vegetables

More than 25 species of vegetables are cultivated at the farm, of which most are root vegetables since they tend to thrive in the sandy soils and unusual weather conditions of our foothills. The main vegetable varieties grown are carrots, specialty potatoes, onions, beets, garlic, shallots, parsnips, rutabagas, sunchokes, kohlrabi, squash, raddichios, kale, swiss chard and leeks..

All certified organic, our vegetables are free of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Instead the fertilized used here comes from the animals, ranging from cow, chicken, donkey, and of course… pig!

We favour the presence of animals in our crop rotation, in order to reduce the need for off-farm fertilizer imports.

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Artisanal Maple Products

The national elixir of Quebec!

Made the old-fashioned way, we strap on our snowshoes and tap between 1000-1500 maple trees every winter; and walk to each tree to harvest the maple sap from the buckets by hand. The sap is then boiled in large pans on a wood fire; while being carefully monitored for the perfect consistency!

Our traditional style sugar shack stays small and since the quantities of syrup are limited, you must book in advance by January, via email. In your order please specify your preference (clear, medium, amber), format (500mL can or 1L glass bottle) and your desired quantity. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Internship at the farm

Join Us! Apprenticeship and Employment Opportunities

Looking for a meaningful and dynamic work experience for a season (or more!)? A dip into the world of diversified agriculture might interest you!

As you might already know, the work is often physically demanding and sometimes repetitive, and the days can be long. However apprentices benefit from a wealth of knowledge, unforgettable experiences, lighthearted banter and long-lasting friendships.

Even more, accommodations include a comfortable yurt, suitable for your stay in all seasons. The farm also often hosts traditional and seasonal events (like dances, large dinners and parties, and workshops) throughout the year to keep you entertained! We speak French, English and a bit of Spanish too.

Small history of Les Arpents roses

Petite histoire des Arpents roses

Claude Beauregard et Céline Poissant se sont installés à Sainte-Mélanie en 1986, avec leur premier bébé. Ils étaient originaires de Montréal, mais avaient vécu ensemble cinq ans sur une autre ferme, en Beauce. Leur projet agricole à petite échelle, résolument écologique et biologique, visait d’abord l’autosuffisance et la vente directe de surplus en circuits courts.

Pendant une quinzaine d’années, ils ont élevé des vaches et veaux de boucherie, une vache laitière familiale, des cochons, des poules pondeuses et des poulets. Sans compter une jument indispensable dans le temps des sucres, une période qui leur tenait particulièrement à coeur. lls ont cultivé des légumes pour la famille, et expérimenté la formule des paniers de légumes hebdomadaires livrés à une vingtaine de partenaires. Et ils ont toujours favorisé la tenue d’activités festives à la ferme, à la saison des sucres et au moment des récoltes…

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